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Addiction Among Discerning Clientele

Addiction Among Discerning Clientele

According to the Gallup Poll, those with more disposable income and who are highly educated are more likely to drink alcohol than their counterparts in America.  In fact, eight in ten adults in these socioeconomic status groups say they drink, whereas only about half of other Americans (and those with a high school diploma or less) say they drink.  Most Americans (approximately 64%) say they drink alcohol on occasion, but drinking is far more common among upper-income Americans and those with a more formal education. Not only are higher socioeconomic status Americans more likely to drink alcohol, but those who drink do so more often than lower socioeconomic status Americans.

On the contrary, use of opioids and other substances is more prevalent among the lower-income populations.  Research shows that, percentage-wise, addiction affects people at the lowest and highest ends of the socioeconomic spectrum in significantly greater proportions than those in the middle income bracket.

These aren’t necessarily surprising statistics… but they do speak to the need for utilizing different addiction treatment approaches for different types of addicts/alcoholics.  One size does not fit all.

Upscale Recovery Support

While having money can help to solve many of life’s problems, it can also create them.  As we watch the proliferation of celebrities with addictions enter treatment (or continue spiraling downward), it becomes clear that money does not always buy happiness.  Having wealth is great, but it is not the proverbial “be all, end all.”  In fact, extreme wealth creates an entirely unique set of challenges ranging from acute stress due to an inordinate amount of pressure to succeed – to isolation and a debilitating mistrust of others who have “less.”

To add insult to injury, rich Americans are often stigmatized as self-absorbed, narcissistic and over-indulgent, and are often “punished” by society for their success.  It would follow that the well-to-do might be a bit apprehensive about opening up to others in a group therapy or 12 step setting.  The upper-class need upscale recovery support that is not only empathetic to their struggles but allows for interaction and support from similarly situated peers.

At Brady’s Landing, we understand and cater to these specific needs.  Our clients receive absolute confidentiality and discretion, as well as upscale recovery support.  Our street address is kept private, and the location is difficult to find and completely hidden from public view.  We only allow a few residents at a time and anyone entering the property is required to sign a Confidentiality (or Do Not Disclose) Agreement.  We have a network of treatment providers who are trained in this area and are sensitive to our clients’ particular set of circumstances.  Further, our clients receive peer-based recovery support from others in their demographic who have been successful in their own journey.  Topics are relatable, struggles are similar, suggestions are relevant, and guidance is appropriate.  Speak directly to the founder of Brady’s Landing at 774-338-4060.

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