Brady’s Landing is an exclusive sober home for women set in a majestic location overlooking the water on beautiful Cape Cod.  We provide personalized recovery support and holistic services that help women learn to heal through the power and serenity of nature.

The Inspiration

A message from our Executive Director:

The inspiration for Brady’s Landing is founded in an unwavering desire to help women who are struggling with alcohol and substance use disorder heal using the power and serenity of nature.  The property is the catalyst for rediscovering joy, developing connections, healing the soul, finding peace, allowing serenity, and achieving long term recovery. 

Our Philosophy

At our sober home for women, we believe that something transformational happens when we connect to the Universe through nature.  Awe-inspiring surroundings become the catalyst for personal growth and something awakens on the inside.  There is an understanding life is precious… and short, which leads to appreciation…gratitude… and love.  This heightened level of awareness and compassion for others leads to random acts of kindness and a desire to make a difference.

All of this culminates in the realization that there is nothing (including any mind-altering substance) that compares to the euphoria of self-actualization and the feeling you get when you help another human being in need. 

This mission is being divinely guided.  You have found this website for a reason.  There are no accidents.  If you are really ready to conquer your addiction and make the journey back to love, you are in the right place.  Welcome home to Brady’s Landing.


“Brady's Landing saved my life! The peer counseling and guidance helped me return to a life of happiness, hope and serenity.”
Marytheresa L.
“Awesome place to find yourself and work on your recovery. The Director really cares and will guide you in the right direction."
Tara C.
"Brady's Landing is a wonderful place to begin practicing recovery in a real life, safe environment. Overall my stay was extremely positive.”
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Amanda N.
“The energy and beauty of the location coupled with the knowledge and experience of the owner helped me get and stay sober. I still come back for alumni events.”
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Debra C.

The Recovery Process

Sober Living for Adults on Cape Cod

When a person is new to recovery, it is critical that they form new relationships with other sober individuals.  This is most easily accomplished when they have similar backgrounds and share common interests.  Just as younger people tend to relate better to one another, those who are older or have a similar upbringing would also benefit from socializing within their demographic.

The philosophy that people from different backgrounds benefit from different types of support is not new.  Since they likely used different types of drugs for different types of reasons, it makes sense that they would also need different styles of recovery support.  For example, some might need help with resumes and job searches, while others would benefit more from stress reduction or finding work-life balance.

At Brady’s Landing, we understand these differences and have structured our programming to cater to women over 30.  We maintain an intimate setting with a limited number of clients to ensure privacy and comfort.  We integrate proven holistic treatments and wellness activities into our non-clinical programming to meet the unique needs of our clientele.  We bring like-minded women together and empower them to find strength and purpose.  While our programming is structured and attending 12-step meetings is strongly suggested, we support and honor each individual’s path to recovery (12-step based or otherwise.)  Our unique location provides the foundation for introspection and healing, while holistic treatment brings serenity to mind, body and spirit.  Explore our website to find out more about our sober home for women including our philosophy, structure and services.

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