About us

Brady’s Landing is a women’s sober home on Cape Cod that allows mature women to focus on the lifestyle changes necessary to embrace a new life in recovery.


At our women’s sober home on  Cape Cod, we focus on each resident’s motivating factor(s) as the foundation for her recovery and then help her build a program and life schedule that supports it.

We embrace a culture that fosters empowerment and healing through natural and holistic approaches.

We teach active recovery tools that require each of our women to take full responsibility for their recovery by attending individual and/or group therapy, 12 step meetings, obtaining employment, volunteer work, continued education, treatment at IOP or PHP (where applicable), attending all house meetings and participating in shared household duties – with a focus on responsibility and accountability.

We understand each woman’s story is unique so we support individually focused recovery efforts. We provide a safe, structured environment with an emphasis on establishing accountability and healthy boundaries.  We introduce new, alternative coping skills and teach individualized strategies to enhance and maintain long term recovery.

Our women may choose to partake in holistic recovery options as well.  For instance, guided meditation, energy healing, and in-house group meetings form the foundation for a new life in recovery.  The combination of holistic modalities and practical learning allows women to solidify their new recovery tools and apply them when they transition back to independent living.

We also focus on the importance of self-reliance and accountability in our women’s sober home. Through random drug testing, residents are motivated to stay sober and focus on their goals. Our residents take part in goal setting and weekly follow-up at our house meetings to help keep them on track.  We even have an emotional support dog to help maintain an atmosphere of fun and lightheartedness.

We are not a high volume, revolving door community.  Residents are carefully selected to ensure cohesion, synergy and an unwavering  commitment to recovery.

The House

~ Serene, private location overlooking the water

~ Emotional support dog at the house

~ Parking on-site

~ Flat screen, Smart TVs in all rooms

~ Hi Speed Wifi/Cable/Roku

~ Laundry on-site

~ Linens provided as needed

~ Access to laptop and printer

~ Strong recovery community / meetings w/in walking distance


All applicants must:

~ have a minimum 30 days sober

~ meet payment requirements

~ be medically, physically, and mentally stable

~ complete/submit application package

~ provide information from treatment facility to confirm application

~ successfully complete interview

~ 30-day commitment required

Meet Phil...

woman's sober home cape cod
woman's sober home cape cod
woman's sober home cape cod

Phil is our resident “emotional support dog”.  He is a one and a half year-old, black lab mix that we rescued as a puppy.  Being so young, he has lots of energy,  loves to play fetch and will go on as many walks as the girls will let him.  He is also very intuitive and seems to know exactly when someone is in need of some “puppy” love.  He happily welcomes any opportunity to receive pats on the head and scratches on his tummy.  Like most dogs, he is the embodiment of joy and indiscriminantly dispenses unconditional love to everyone he meets.  All of our women agree that Phil brings something very special to the house. 

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