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More Than Sober Living

Brady’s Landing, a sober living home for women on Cape Cod, provides a serene, sober and supportive environment for women who are transitioning from residential treatment or simply looking for assistance with their sobriety.  Going to sober living (instead of going right back home) has been shown to substantially increase one’s chances of achieving long term sobriety.  Sober living is rapidly becoming one of the most important phases on the “continuum of care.”  Brady’s Landing offers the structure and support needed for clients to reinforce and practice all the tools they learned in treatment.  Whether they choose 12-step or non-12-step approaches, we promote wellness through healthy life choices that nurture mind, body and spirit.

The Importance of Aftercare

Brady’s Landing works directly with referring clinicians, treatment centers, case managers, and families to ensure that clients follow through on their aftercare plan.  This regular, authorized communication with all parties fosters transparency and continuity in quality of care.  Brady’s Landing is owned and operated by women who are educated, credentialed and, most importantly, experienced.  We promote independence, accountability and empowerment and support each client in becoming the very best version of themselves.

Exclusive Recovery Home Cape Cod

Our Location

Our exclusive recovery residence is completely hidden from public view. Once you follow a private driveway that opens up to 2 1/2 acres of lush landscape, majestic scenery, and unspoiled natural surroundings, with breathtaking views of the salt marsh, the Atlantic ocean and the iconic boardwalk - you will find an estate that many of our guests have likened to “Heaven on Earth.”

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Confidential Recovery Support

Brady’s Landing offers a supportive, sober, and serene environment to give recovering women an opportunity to gain strength and stability before transitioning back to their lives. Since we limit the number of residents to a maximum of six, our clients receive more individualized attention and support - which is especially beneficial for those who may require a more “tactical” approach to sobriety.

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More Than Sober Living

We are not just a place to live after rehab. Brady’s Landing is an intimate and "boutique" sober living home with activities and peer support specifically designed for women new to recovery. We help you discover how to become the best version of yourself. On the path to recovery, no two journeys are alike. Our intimate setting allows us to focus on each client and provide individualized assistance with recovery. Brady's Landing is so much more than just sober living.

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Holistic Healing

The natural beauty of the surroundings, coupled with nurturing support and loving guidance, create the perfect foundation for healing, growth, and recovery. Activities such as art, music, games, and fitness encourage camaraderie; while meditation, yoga and nature walks provide often overlooked, albeit necessary, time for personal reflection.

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Independence & Empowerment

The impetus for a monumental life change, such as the decision to let go of an addiction, must come from within and no two paths are the same.  Personal attention with a customized aftercare regimen is critical to long-term recovery.  At Brady’s Landing, we focus on each client’s motivating factor(s) as the foundation of their recovery, and then help them build a program that supports it. 

We embrace a culture that fosters empowerment and healing through natural and holistic approaches in a serene, secluded and picturesque environment.

Experience the Magic that Happens Here!


Our goal at Brady’s Landing is for our women to become the best version of themselves.  We do this, in part, by providing opportunities that increase their chances of success.  Incorporating the services of an expert Health & Wellness Coach can help solidify your new life in recovery.

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