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Sober Living Cape Cod

Upscale Recovery Home on Cape Cod

Brady’s Landing is an exclusive recovery residence for women who require utmost privacy and discretion with personalized recovery support, using organic and holistic approaches in one of the most beautiful settings on earth.  We offer a supportive, sober and serene environment to give recovering women an opportunity to gain strength and stability before transitioning back to their lives. 

What is Addiction Aftercare?

Addiction aftercare can be defined as continued recovery support or services that generally follow completion of a residential inpatient treatment program for drug or alcohol use disorder.   Aftercare can consist of a variety of services including but not limited to living arrangements, classes on healthy eating, fitness, art, music, sober activities, transportation to and from doctor appointments, support groups, 12-step programs, referrals to individual or family counseling and group therapy, outings, meetings, and so on.

The purpose of aftercare is to provide recovering addicts/alcoholics with a supportive environment and to help prevent relapse during the delicate stage that follows a structured in-house treatment program (or rehab).  Clients are able to practice new skills, strengthen ways to manage stress, and utilize healthy coping mechanisms.

When a person enters residential treatment for 30, 60, over even 90 days, they are in a protected environment (closely monitored, constantly directed, and left with little downtime).  But what happens when they are released and sent back to the very environment where they first sought treatment?  Statistics show that they go right back to drinking or using (a.k.a. “relapse”).  The new skills and tools they acquired during treatment have not had enough time to take hold.  They are still vulnerable.  This is why the “aftercare” component of recovery is now widely recognized by industry leaders as an essential aspect of sustained, long-term recovery from drugs and/or alcohol.

What sets Brady’s Landing apart is the personalized recovery support given to our clients and the unbelievable setting. Further, because our location is undisclosed and the property itself is hidden from public view, we are a favorite among clients who require a heightened level of privacy and discretion.  Give us a call and find out more!  We can be reached directly at 774-338-4060.

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